Common Workplace Bullying Tactics

Common Workplace Bullying Tactics

There are various tactics which have been adopted by the bullies for mobbing the colleagues. Some of the common tactics in this regard have been discussed in this section of the report. The assignment of undesirable work to the target is one way of bullying as this makes the person annoyed, in addition to this time of the target also gets wasted as a result. Some of the bullies also wrongly blame the target of committing mistakes not actually made by him. Harshly and constantly criticizing the target is also one way of bullying. Singling out the victim either socially or physically is one of the most commonly practiced tactics of bullying.
In sum one can categorically state that workplace bullying is something which is detrimental for the overall performance of an organization and hence the employers need to keep a strong check on this variable. The employees on the other hand need to comprehend that mobbing is something which is not good for the organizational structure even it is unhealthy for the career of the bully himself, because he indulges in such kind of activities and this restrains him from working on the growth of his own career. The financial cost of workplace bullying is also high as the firms have to spend loads of funds in the training and development processes of the newly recruited employees and the time also gets wasted. The market reputation of the employer is too at stake if such kind of activities are performed under his nose as this is certainly one thing which is against the demeanor of the workplace and thus the talented people once get to hear about such incidents happening in a certain company , tend to get discouraged.

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