The effect of media is apparent and influential

The effect of media is apparent and influential

The use of new improved technology has brought about numerous changes across the entire world affecting people and organizations all the same. Through my research, I have found that issues and crisis communications management of a particular organization are heavily influenced by the changes in the media environment. The theories and models that describe what crisis management really is, they also give a detailed solution on how to avoid such crisis and the pre and pro-crisis developments that need to be handled to avoid further consequences. The issue concerning Facebook has been largely self-inflicted, due to the degree of information made public. Whereas no contingent plans or prompt actions have been seen that would adequately save the organizations reputation. The actions taken such as the vague statements and vows are insufficient and resulted in a further advancement of the issue i.e. the threat to law enforcement personnel and their families. Also when comparing the previous case studies with this one in particular, one can say that Facebook is not in the save zone as yet.

Even though the effect of media is apparent and influential, steps can be taken to mitigate risks that may harm the public relations of the organization. Pre planning and effective communication is vital but at times like these, being straight forward, honest and sensitive towards the issue affecting the public, is significant. Not doing so can damage the chances of recovery further and this is evident from the famous example of Gulf of Mexico oil spill where the CEO Tony Hayward exited the international table due to inappropriate PR strategy, especially for appearing insensitive towards the disastrous situation. On a concluding note, it is essential for every organization to have a working PR strategy, to avoid tumbling in case of a crisis arising without warning. And to make things worse for the organizations but beneficial for the public, media has expanded its role across the cultures, making the communication much quicker and effective which leads to greater check by the public, providing the opportunity for organizations to increase their credibility and maintain the trust, thus media is altogether playing a positive role, creating awareness for business world and public alike.

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