Writing is one of the least liked tasks in the life of a student and it really goes without saying. When you are forced to spend the whole weekend compiling an essay on a topic that you know nothing about and have to research on the internet in order to come up with the material, then it becomes really tiresome and you really don’t find the amusement or the purpose of all the turmoil that becomes a part of your life. Teachers at schools and even colleges are habitual of giving away literary assignments to students all over the year; no matter what part of the semester. The most demented assignments are the literary assignments that normally comprise of essays, summaries and character descriptions. The problem with these is that not everybody is equipped to deal with them without wasting a lot of time in data collection and presentation. The starting paragraph of the essay is normally the most difficult to write because it takes up a lot of time if you haven’t cleared your head to write it. Read on as we list down some of the ideas that you can benefit from if you are writing the starting of your assignment:

essay assignment

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A fancy related quote:

The best way to begin is to begin with a classy quote that you think is relevant to the topic that you are debating upon. This will start things on a very high note.

Something about the topic:

The next best way is to write something about the topic itself. This is also a very acceptable style and there is nothing wrong with it.

The theme:

You can also jump right into the theme of the essay at the start.

Something out of the box:

If you think you are capable enough, you can always just write something out of the box.

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